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Azienda Montirone

Montirone is a foundry that uses die-casting technology in its metalworking activities.

The company, founded in 1981, puts itself forward as a partner able to cast metal in strict keeping with its clients’ specifications, using different types of aluminium alloys, including special
alloys such as L91 and Pyral. Specialising in high-tech small and medium castings, Montirone works with clients to design and construct the dies on the basis of the component to be developed (co-design process). It carries out the entire casting process right up to the pre-processing phase. Its partnerships with expert external suppliers mean that it is also able to offer a post-processing service, right up to delivery of the finished product.

Azienda Montirone

Montirone is committed to optimising each process stage in view of ensuring consistent improvement and cost reduction.